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Bravo, you've found it! A place of deadpan humor, sometimes witty and often bizarre. 
Muffy Drake tells absurd stories with a literary bent and a nod to art & culture. A Catcher-in-the-Wry sort of Vibe.

 If you like Audio Fiction with FRICTION, MD is where it's at. Tongue-in-cheek humor told weekly. By the way, and we're taking a quick tangent here, the French call tongue-in-cheek "pinch without laughing". Because - get this - Muffy Drake is based out of Paris and broadcasts from some famous tower over there. 

Recently, our work was awarded a Platinum Medal, as well as Gold from the "Sundance" of Audio Fiction: The National Audio Theatre Festivals.
One of the other "Platinum" honored podcasts has over 200 million downloads. So, this basically means MD doesn't suck!

Xavier Combe & Jim Hall make up the entire team. It's a Franco-American alliance formed in the 1970s when the two of them were doubles partners in tennis. Today, listening to MD is by design, a lot like playing tennis without the net.  

The French have a saying: "Humor is the last bulwark before despair" (strange, yes, but it sounds better in French). We at MD believe humor is indeed the best medicine, and we prescribe you take a listen once a week.  If you enjoy what you hear, feel free to share with, well, one or two million of your closest friends...

Au revoir, Amigos!  

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Muffy Drake is based out of Paris

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The Great Society
September 12, 2023
19:1635.81 MB

The Great Society

"This just might do nobody any good." Sage words from Ed Murrow to begin a rant about the waste land television had become. This episode is dedicated to another priceless piece of property we are laying waste to...Mother Earth. And, woe is us! How will it all end? Stay tuned, as they say. Our future...

Cleaning Lady Blues
September 05, 2023
08:3816.05 MB

Cleaning Lady Blues

Sometimes you must assume a Different Identity to make it through the day. Rules are rules and strict adherence to them is what separates the--Cleaning Ladies from the Far Right Senators in the French Senate. If you ask me, I think it's time to clean house... Written & Narrated by Xavier Combe E...

August 31, 2023
02:304.61 MB


Homage is a tribute piece to one of the most provocative raconteurs of the 20th century, if we can be Frank with you... Written & Narrated by Xavier Combe Sound Design by Jim Hall

Paris Bureau Staff: Muffy Drake

The Franco-American Team of Storytellers



Xavier Combe

 Executive Producer/Sound Design/Editor/...many Voices

Jim Hall


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Brilliant imagination !

Loved every episode ! Congrats to both of you for the fabulous work.

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Wow 👍

Clever AND funny 🤓👏

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457867 stars!!!

Wildly imaginative. Portals into strange worlds.


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