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Bravo, you've found it! A place of deadpan humor, sometimes witty and often bizarre. 
Je Ne Sais Quoi tells absurd stories with a literary bent and a nod to art & culture. A Catcher-of-the-Wry sort of Vibe.
Recently, our work was awarded a Platinum Medal, as well as Gold from the "Sundance" of Audio Fiction: The National Audio Theatre Festivals.
Xavier Combe & Jim Hall make up the entire team. It's a Franco-American alliance formed in the 1970s when the two of them were doubles partners in tennis. Today, listening to JNSQ is by design, a lot like playing tennis without the net.  
The French have a saying: "Humor is the last bulwark before despair" (strange, yes, but it sounds better in French). We believe humor is indeed the best medicine, and we prescribe you take a listen once a week.  If you enjoy what you hear, feel free to share with, well, one or two million of your closest friends...
Au revoir, Amigos!  

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Je Ne Sais Quoi is based out of Paris


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February 23, 2024
25:0946.78 MB


This episode "FUN FACTS" is dedicated to all of you out there who find themselves stuck, smack-dab in the middle of this thang we call the Human Condition... Written & Performed by: Xavier Combe Jim Hall Walt Wood

The Geiger Encounter
February 13, 2024
19:3336.44 MB

The Geiger Encounter

In this full episode of Muffy Drake, we explore encounters of the Glowing Kind. The Geiger Encounter-Written & Narrated by Xavier Combe. Walt Rant-A portrait of the struggling artist. Written & Narrated by Walt Wood. Two Kiwis-A Love Story firmly planted in tender soil that isn't for the bir...

What's Your Problem?
January 23, 2024
15:3128.91 MB

What's Your Problem?

In this episode: PARKING LOT AMNESIA-We've all been there, you park the car and cannot find it later amongst the school of fish feeding on the asphalt. Yours resembles a Koi/Kia. Looks like we're gonna need a smaller parking lot...(Written by Xavier Combe-MD Players: Antoine Herbez & Xavier Comb...

Paris Bureau Staff: Muffy Drake

The Franco-American Team of Storytellers



Xavier Combe

 Executive Producer/Sound Design/Editor/...many Voices

Jim Hall


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Brilliant imagination !

Loved every episode ! Congrats to both of you for the fabulous work.

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Wow 👍

Clever AND funny 🤓👏

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457867 stars!!!

Wildly imaginative. Portals into strange worlds.


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