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Xavier Combe

 A freelance conference interpreter and translator based out of Paris, Combe teaches at the University of Paris X and has worked in French public radio for 35 years. He has published 2 non-fiction books in French (one of them has won a prize) and quite a few op-eds in the French press. Sociolinguistics, not funny at all. If you want a laugh don't go there. Xavier, writes and narrates most of the stories you hear on Je Ne Sais Quoi and in a pinch, is the sommelier for the company picnics, often times pairing a 1958 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Bordeaux with a block of Velveeta cheese at the insistence of the American, Jim Hall... 

Jim Hall

A 2-time Peabody Award winner for his work in TV as part of an investigative team. Hall, a 23-time Emmy winner, currently is a documentary filmmaker. He was Co-Producer/Editor on International award winning films that told the life stories of two Hoosier legends known to the world as literary and jazz giants:
Kurt Vonnegut and Wes Montgomery.   
As the Executive Producer of Je Ne Sais Quoi, Hall basically plays the cowbell behind Xavier. His duties include: Sound design/editing/character voices.

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Brilliant imagination !

Loved every episode ! Congrats to both of you for the fabulous work.

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Wow 👍

Clever AND funny 🤓👏

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457867 stars!!!

Wildly imaginative. Portals into strange worlds.

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This is the definition of

absurd in any audio dictionary...if such a thing existed. Juxtapose a world-weary mindset with a zeal to entice and you have Muffy. A chortle here, a snicker there. But always funny. Forget those true crime podcasts—we want laughs! Muffy serves them up with a heaping side of sighs. Bon appetit.

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Priceless Pooch   (A short film by Jim Hall)
July 05, 202400:01:30

Priceless Pooch (A short film by Jim Hall)

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Barbara's Rhubarb Pie
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Barbara's Rhubarb Pie

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A Truck gets Stuck in the Muck and the owner discovers it's better to "Be" Stuck in the Moment...BOW WOW! Be in the NOW!!

Paris calling you to take a Listen to:  #audiostory #funnycomedy #Paris #podcast
May 26, 202400:00:41

Paris calling you to take a Listen to: #audiostory #funnycomedy #Paris #podcast

Gertrude Stein holds court at a Paris bistro extolling the virtues of visiting:

OFFICIAL TRAILER Games People Play  Director Jim Hall  Muffy Drake Media
March 28, 202400:00:41

OFFICIAL TRAILER Games People Play Director Jim Hall Muffy Drake Media

One person witnessing the death and destruction of war has to make a split-second decision to stop the horror before getting off the Paris Metro...

Official Trailer    ...I am Water   Director Jim Hall
February 16, 202400:01:00

Official Trailer ...I am Water Director Jim Hall

Muffy Drake Media produces international award winning films. See & Hear more here:

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Cappuccino J

I saw the face of Jesus once in a cup of coffee. I wasn't startled. I'd heard of all those stories about people taking pictures of what appeared to be his image on burnt toast, or the famous "Frost Free Jesus" in the icebox. But, my Jesus appeared in the foam of a 2-shot espresso cappuccino. Now, th...