Terminal CC (Climate Change 28 minutes)
Muffy Drake: Absurd Short FictionJune 09, 2023
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Terminal CC (Climate Change 28 minutes)

Recently, we were at the airport and someone came up to us and asked for some change. We reached into our pockets to see what we could give them, and they told us that's not the type of change they were seeking...

Bobo intro-Bobo thanks the wonderful people at the Sundance of Audio Fiction: The National Audio Theatre Festivals, for our recent double win at their event. Platinum and Gold medal awards!  This is BIG!! MD is so honored and humbled to have our work recognized along some magnificent podcasters. 

Fun Facts II-The Pope and the Don walk into a bar...Written & Narrated by Xavier Combe Soundscape Design by Jim Hall

Lady Bird-The "Yellow Vest" movement in France began in 2018. Protestors, 3 million strong, advocated for economic justice and political reform. Who is that mysterious woman in the park with the Yellow Beret? Is she part of the movement? Written & Narrated by Jim Hall Music by Jim Hall

Donut Therapy-Tony from the (soon to be released) TALQ BOAT Episode, has a session with a psychiatrist to deal with the death of Frankie Polkatello. Tony is the Chief Sound Recording Engineer in charge of the "Open Auditions" at the "Family" owned studio, where they are trying to come up with a catchy theme song for the new podcast: TALQ BOAT-Yes, this is sort of a Tease/Trailer...Written & Narrated by Jim Hall 

Invisible Force-A fly is trapped and seeks its freedom, as we all do...Written & Narrated by Xavier Combe

Bobo concludes this episode with expert advice on pairing expensive French wine with American cheese...