My Neighbor’s Funeral (22 minutes)
Muffy Drake: Absurd Short FictionAugust 15, 2023
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My Neighbor’s Funeral (22 minutes)

In this full episode of Muffy Drake, we take a deep dive (6 feet under) into the funeral business. You only die once, so why not pay it forward while saving the planet. (Written & Narrated by Xavier Combe-Sound Design by Jim Hall)

Then, Muffy tells us all about the penguins in Florida who have tragically lost their coats during a cold spell there.

Then, we visit the waiting room at the Doctor's Office. It's a long wait... (Written & Narrated by X.C. Sound Design J.H.)

Then, we go shopping for drones with Joe Frank, the most magnificent storyteller the world has ever known. Joe is the True Vine for raconteurs, if we can be Frank with you. (Written & Narrated by Jim Hall)